We believe in giving our client a high value return on their investment. We provide value and results–helping you grow your business.

We want to do good in the world. We love working with companies of all kinds, but we have a soft spot for organizations and small businesses that are trying to the make the world we live in a better place. Ask about special rates for non-profits, woman and minority-owned businesses, and healthcare/wellness businesses. We pick one startup client in these categories per year to work with on on a limited-time pro-bono basis to help get their off the ground. Inquire for more details and to see if you qualify.

We want to come to work every day and love the work we do. By partnering with others like you that also believe in our vision and dreams, we can make anything happen. Join us and let the good times roll.


Tan Nguyen, Creative Director (Art & Interactive)

Tan Nguyen, Creative DirectorTan Nguyen brings her entrepreneurial experience, creative expertise and marketing prowess to Tan Dan Design, a boutique creative marketing firm geared for small businesses.

Under Tan’s leadership in 2010, Washington, DC-based Rebel Heroes, a widely acclaimed mobile food-service venture, quickly rose to #1 (Washington Post online survey) and “Best of” lists (Washingtonian Magazine, City Paper) through strategic branding, high-impact creative solutions, and social media savvy.*

Her professional experience as an art director servicing notable clients such as The U.S. Marines, Freddie Mac, and White Castle and as a successful entrepreneur greatly informs how she is able to help other business owners and entrepreneurs. Tan’s results-oriented approach spans from high-impact creative and striking brand identities, to all-in-one solutions for marketing and web design.

She has an innate passion for strategic creative solutions that goes back to her early days in high school as a young designer for a Metro DC newsletter. She graduated from George Washington University with a degree in International Affairs and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia while living abroad in Japan and Sweden. She launched successful nightlife events in Tokyo and Stockholm, learning how to reach out to others effectively–sometimes communicating not with the written word but through a universal visual language that could be effectively understood by all cultures. She honed her visual craft at Parsons School of Design (2002).

Though Tan’s journey has been global and spans diverse networks and fields  the common threads have always been the same: passion, creativity and a commitment to action that produces highly effective results.

*With coverage by NPR, The Washington PostWashingtonian Magazineand City Paper, among others, Rebel Heroes’ innovative approach to mobile cuisine was on everyone’s lips (literally) and garnered legions of followers in the area and beyond.

Lisa M. Conquet, Copy Director & Account Manager (Special Projects)

Lisa Conquet is a veteran writer whose lifelong love of words began after reading To Kill A Mockingbird at the tender age of 5. She was inspired to write a book of her own with the help of her mother. Once she had a grasp of spelling, she began writing poetry and has not been without a pen and notepad since. This led her to a writing career that started with a short stint at Ms. Magazine and grew into copywriting at numerous advertising agencies where she worked on accounts for such prominent clients as AT&T, Nabisco, Avon, Pillsbury and Dove.

During her tenure in advertising she was able to combine the knowledge obtained from her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her instincts regarding human nature with her passion for the written word. She discovered these talents made for powerful and persuasive ad copy.

She pursued her dreams further when she returned to school to get her Masters degree in Social Work from NYU. Today, she is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which allows her to add greater depth to the copy and content she produces.

Lisa’s passion to help clients set a foundation on which to build their future brings to the table a powerful blend of experience with a keen ability to help clients find their road map, reflect on their business and “discover” their goals through thorough analysis.