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PROJECT: E-Commerce Website Design Studio KotoKoto offers distinctive, handmade objects by artists from Japan, the U.S., and around the world. KotoKoto is an onomatopoeic term meaning “gentle simmering” in Japanese. The feeling of a happy, comfortable home and the slower lifestyle that KotoKoto represents is what they wanted site visitors to experience. STRATEGY: With their carefully curated gallery of products …

Tan Dan Design Katherine Tallmadge Website Redesign

Katherine Tallmadge Website

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PROJECT: Website Redesign Renowned nutritionist, Katherine Tallmadge sought a website that would combine all three of her pre-existing sites into one new, premium site and highlight her book, “Diet Simple,” her nutritional counseling services, and public speaking and consultancy business. STRATEGY: A modern and elegant site that was media rich was more appropriate for her experience and portfolio. SOLUTION: A …